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Our KeyNote Theatre will bring together some of the industry’s key players and will provide a wealth of inspiring and innovative sessions from the industry's most respected visionaries. Topics will cover everything from pivoting operating models, maintaining a creative edge whilst responding to a surge in demand, eyeing up trends and more...

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The Future of Digital Commerce 

The Future of Digital Commerce 

We live in challenging times for retail. Consumer habits have been drastically impacted by economic pessimism and widespread concerns over inflation. While customers are pulling back on spending, online retailers must face reduced conversion rates and try to keep up with the constant evolutions of eCommerce. Yet, UK and EU merchants keep showing nothing but resilience. Brands will need to focus on the areas under their control in the upcoming year to get the most out of every click, view, like, and purchase. Now is not the time to overlook details.  In the Future of Digital Commerce Theatre, we will provide you with the latest strategic insights and eCommerce trends with practical solutions and technologies.


The Digital Customer

The Digital Customer

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and so are the expectations of today's digital customers. Social media, mobile devices, and on-demand services have fundamentally changed the way customers engage with businesses. These sessions will focus on what's new and what's next in digital customers’ habits to understand what they expect from retailers nowadays.

With topics spanning from new technologies and consumer trends – including sustainability and social issues – to the shifting priorities of how consumers want to interact with brands: this track will provide you with all the tools to identify what your future customers need.

Innovating the customer journey

Post-Purchase Customer Experience: Delivery & Fulfilment 

Post-Purchase Customer Experience: Delivery & Fulfilment 

Existing customers are the lifeblood of any business: they contribute to increased and consistent sales, can provide positive reviews, as well as valuable recommendations to help improve the services and/or products. The nature of eCommerce channels necessitates retailers to pay particular attention to communication and to stay in touch with customers throughout the whole sale process – from purchase to delivery.  Customers’ expectations around delivery are constantly rising, with many players now delivering “superfast”, while others focus on sustainable fulfilment and delivery using natural packaging materials and zero-carbon delivery methods.  This track will demonstrate how post-purchase experience, delivery, and fulfilment are crucial to the success of retailers and brands.


Future of CX: Innovating the Customer Journey

Future of CX: Innovating the Customer Journey

As businesses continue to compete in a globalised market, customer experience (CX) has become a key differentiator in winning and retaining customers. Today's customers expect personalised, seamless, and convenient experiences across all touchpoints. This track explores the future of CX, including the latest trends in customer journey mapping: omnichannel experiences, AI-powered personalisation, checkout innovations, loyalty-building tools, and more. Learn from leading brands and retailers how to ensure the entire journey stays customer-centred from product discovery to feedback and stay ahead of the competition by delivering exceptional CX to your customers.


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Taking advantage of new opportunities

Cross-Border Commerce

Cross-Border Commerce

International eCommerce can be particularly challenging in a difficult economic market. Nowadays, retailers have to worry about acceptance fees, heightened fraud risks, and the additional costs caused by processing refunds internationally. The rising complexity of cross-border commerce means multiple solutions are often necessary to avoid losing sales – and money. This track will help you launch and tackle the next growth stage of your international e-commerce strategy. How do you begin? Which products and services are in demand in key markets? How can your business reach global customers? From translation to financial currency and payment options: learn how to make the right investments in your global growth.


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Making Omnichannel a Reality 

Making Omnichannel a Reality 

Your customers are not on one channel: they’re on all of them. Up to 73% of shoppers use multiple channels before making a purchase online, so a business strategy that focuses on providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels is fundamental.  While we’ve observed a desire from people to get back to the stores since the pandemic, eCommerce businesses have also seen a huge increase in returns over the past few years. Many retailers have also noted a rise in in-store purchases when customers come for click-and-collect or to return items. Attendees will leave these sessions with strategies to help them better compete with giant eCommerce players and help provide their customers with a stronger sales experience across every channel.



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IMRG Optimisation Theatre

IMRG Optimisation Theatre

Keep up-to-date with the latest eCommerce industry insights in this theatre run by IMRG - The UK's eCommerce Association. Topics will include:

✓ Top tips for optimising the checkout

✓ Enhancing your site search optimisation strategy

✓ A Black Friday 2023 Preview



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