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On behalf of the whole team, thank you for being part of eCommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing 2022 – we are truly excited about the opportunities that this event holds for you.

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  • You can't not be here, it's one of those places that if you work in software or work in ecommerce you have to be here
  • "The content, people and footfall has been amazing. Every single year it gets bigger and better."
  • The quality of the delegates have been excellent. You've got a lot of Manager and Director roles in attendance
  • "It's a buzzing event. It's the who's who in the retail industry"
    Oracle NetSuite
  • Seamless, very efficient, and the audience we're looking for. Perfect.
    Dubai Commercity
  • In terms of the footfall, it's by far the biggest business Show that we do
  • It's been really busy, all the conversations we have had are with people that are looking for solutions and have got problems to solve
  • We have had lots of really good conversations with relevant brands for us, there’s a lot of people attending, both our partners that we can just network with, but also our customers and prospects.
  • It's a much larger scale than what I was expecting, the atmosphere has been buzzing
    Hermes UK
  • We are super satisfied. We've been able to actually meet our customer and potential customers and the target group is spot on
    DS Smith ePack

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