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The latest insights and cutting edge news on evolving tools, trends, and technology to help you exploit new opportunities in the future of eCommerce.  

  • Meet Paul Kirby, Trustpilot's Enterprise Customer Success Manager, sharing his journey from media advertising to guiding eCommerce leaders through reviews.
  • Meet Manuel, the Director of Client Strategy at Bloomreach.
  • Discover a career journey from corporate to charity, AI and LinkedIn insights, and the future of marketing from an industry influencer.
  • Discover how TikTok is shaping the live shopping revolution and future trends in social commerce with Shahriyar Hassan, TikTok Shop expert and Growth and Strategy Manager.
  • Meet Karl, a prominent figure in eCommerce, artificial intelligence, and public speaking.
  • Now the Head of eCommerce and Retail Innovation at Oxfam, Andy leverages his expertise to transform the brand into the leading go-to online retailer within the sector.
  • What does it take to succeed in eCommerce? Over the years, Chloë Thomas has worked with hundreds of eCommerce players and hosted dozens on her podcasts. Learn more about what it's like to run a podcas ...
  • A talk about how live streaming is revolutionising eCommerce in China, and how international brands can take their first steps to go cross-border.
  • A talk about what it means to provide a great customer experience, how to be an efficient leader, and how to be a composable business that’s willing to take risks in order to evolve with the latest te ...

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