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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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5 Reasons Not to Use Video Content in 2025

19 Sep 2024
The Headline Stage
For digital marketers and content strategists who want to understand the power of video content, engage their audience more effectively, and leverage data for impactful strategies in 2025.
Session Overview:
In 2025, using video content might just be too powerful for your brand. Here are five “reasons” to steer clear:
You’re Going to Reach TOO Many People: Video content can make your brand go viral, reaching audiences far beyond your expectations.
You Might Convert Your Audience to a COMMUNITY: Videos have the power to turn passive viewers into an active, engaged community.
TOO Many Experiments You Can Run: The possibilities with video content are endless, giving you countless opportunities to test and optimise.
Your Data Will Be Overflowing: Video generates a wealth of data, offering deep insights that can enhance your marketing strategy.
Your Brand Could Become TOO Memorable: Compelling video content can make your brand unforgettable, boosting recall and loyalty.
What you can expect to learn/takeaway:
Expanding Reach: Techniques to maximise the reach of your video content across various digital channels in 2025.
Building Community: Strategies to convert your audience into a loyal and engaged community through personalised video content.
Experimentation and Innovation: Insights into running effective video experiments to continuously improve engagement and conversion rates.
Leveraging Data: Methods for analysing video performance data to make informed decisions and enhance your content strategy.
Enhancing Brand Recall: Best practices for creating memorable video content that strengthens brand recognition and loyalty
Grace Miller, Failure & Experimentation Manager - Diary of a CEO
Grace Andrews, Marketing Director - Diary of a CEO

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