Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

Thousands of marketers in one place

We have welcomed over 110,000 marketers in the last 18 years, making this show the leading marketing technology event in the UK for both visitors and exhibitors.

The UK’s only martech conference

For two days, over 14,000 marketers from major brands, SMEs and agencies descend upon London’s ExCeL exhibition centre for Technology for Marketing. This is the UK’s one and only event dedicated to marketing technology, making it a unique opportunity to meet potentially hundreds of high-quality and engaged leads.

Technology for Marketing is all about harnessing the power of the latest technologies – if you believe your product or service represents part of the future of marketing, this is the place to show it off. Our exhibitors cover the full spectrum of martech – everyone is welcome.

If you do martech, Technology for Marketing is the place to meet your audience.

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Who will you meet ?

Our delegates come from a wide variety of companies in B2B and B2C businesses, as well as charity and public sector. The marketers, CMOs and Marketing Directors who attend Technology for Marketing are invested in using the next generation of technology to engage today’s audiences and discover better ways of boosting sales while cutting costs and staying compliant.

Our attendees tell us they come to Technology for Marketing to learn how to harness the latest tech and to be prepared for what’s around the corner. They’re looking for information and education first so they can work out what will benefit them. But they’re also looking to action that ‘bigger thinking’ – and that means finding the tools which will help them achieve their goals.

We bring the guests

CloserStill Media is a global leader in events, with unparalleled experience industry promotion and marketing. Over the past few years, Technology for Marketing has been attended by tens of thousands of engaged, relevant marketing professionals who want to know about your products and services.

We have curated a compelling programme of speakers which will be highly attractive to marketing executives and technology officers at major brands and retailers across the B2B and B2C space. We attract them through:

  • Highly targeted and sophisticated email campaigns
  • Dedicated telemarketing campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Educational content
  • Networking and exhibitor interaction,

Our technology events have been attended for years by the industry and are known and trusted as the best source for information, networking and learning – which means we can be confident that thousands of new and returning customers will be there.

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Benefits of exhibiting

Technology for Marketing is the best place to exhibit your martech solutions in the exhibition calendar.

It is a unique offering in the UK and gives you:

  • Direct access to thousands of buyers with budgets who are looking for real solutions
  • Opportunities for advertising and speaking
  • Smart tech to help attendees find exhibitors easily
  • A range of personalised promotion kits to give you extra publicity
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities
  • A variety of stand types and formats to suit your needs and budgets
  • A friendly, experienced conference teams to ensure you have the most successful event


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