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"A lot of decision makers, a lot of end users it’s great, we like meeting both ends of the spectrum. So we are definitely meeting the right people. I can say over the last few years the quality of people has definitely improved and we look forward to next year if it’s as good as this year."
General Manager, Oracle Bronto

"eCommerce Expo has been great, we’ve seen visitor numbers up, pre-registration is almost 20,000, and I think we’ve got lots of good visitors, both existing customers and prospects. Also at an event like this you also have an opportunity to meet some potential suppliers as well and some other collaborators in the ecommerce value chain."
Head of Royal Mail Parcels, Royal Mail Group

"This generates more leads for us than any other event. This is our core marketplace." + "I thought events like this were dinosaurs, a thing of the past, but being at this show this year has restored my faith in UK events."  MD, Snapfull

"For us the event is very productive, we've seen a lot of footfall. It's attracting the right sort of people, we haven't seen anyone we don't want to talk to. We just have to be here."
Partner Manager, Brightpearl

"We get a good mix of people, everybody can see what's out there and we can see what our competition is doing too. Events like this help us keep ahead of the curve."

"We've already booked for next year! It's always busy here, the two biggest shows we do are this and IRX. This show is good for us and for the visitors; we get good lead generation, but for them it's all about education and exploration."
Marketing Manager, Orderwise

"The quality of delegates we are getting are the decision makers. So we’re very happy wityh that, that’s obviously very important for us. In comparison to other events, this event is really top rate, I think they have done a fabulous job, it’s been very very busy, the amount of stands here and amount of traffic has been wonderful."
Event Manager, IBM Corporation

"This is our biggest event. We've been really busy today, when we run our talks on the stand we see a lot of people coming to watch."
Marketing Director, Pure360

"The shows been great for us so far, we’re really enjoying it and it’s been lots of fun. We’ve got an interactive opportunity for people  to get together and compete a little bit just behind us and then talk to us about our opportunities to help them grow within ecommerce and so it’s really exciting for us to be having those detailed conversations here face to face."
Managing Director, UKFast

"I think there are a lot of people who have come here for other things and we can engage with them because we provide a very niche service. I've come before as a visitor and last year I decided it was a good idea to have a stall! I wish I could go to some of the talks but we've been so busy with potential clients, I really can't complain."
Commercial Director, Expert Edge

"Overall, we're pretty happy, we love the format. We're a Spanish company, and events like this in Spain have much wider thoroughfares which makes it harder to get people onto our stands. We have to be here; you can't digitally replace the face-to-face contact you get here."
UK Country Manager, Minderest

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