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"This event is really big, we've seen a lot of things we didn't even know we needed. It's hard to find what you need online, much better to come here and see everything properly under one roof. The face to face conversations are really important." 
Director, Tikiboo

"We come every year - we can find the software we need here. The talks have been great; actually, the ones I thought would be the least interesting have been the most informative. We got quite a lot out of the one-to-one meetings too."
Director, Roco Clothing

"Massively busy, much busier than I was expecting. The appointment booking system is absolutely fantastic, I've had three one-to-one meetings today and they all went smoothly." + "I'm here to find certain things. I'm soaking it up, found some really useful things I wasn't expecting to. It's good to connect with people who can make my business more efficient."
Founder, Perma Retail Ltd. 

" Really interesting talks, they're the most interesting thing for me - incredibly useful. I got a lot of really good food for thought."
Team Manager, The Challenge

"This is a good place to interact with the types of people who can help me and my business."
Engagement Director, Cognizant

"The people who came to my talk were all quite senior, important people, which I liked. Most people here - and out there - are interested, desperate for answers to industry problems, and a lot of insight and answers were given out together." + "Once you get inside, you can tell that it's a quality event. The preamble from the organisers was also very high quality, the sort of materials that are interesting, that people actually want to see. People who come here have their time well spent and walk away with a lot of excellent ideas."
Professor, Cranfield University (Speaker)

"It's busier than last year, the talks are really good, there's a good variety of people and companies here. I actually didn't notice that it was three shows combined, it's all very well integrated!"
Director, Evolution Digital

"This place puts you in touch with businesses you would never think of contacting otherwise. It's very upbeat, very positive, the presentations are great."
Corporate Sales Manager, AcceptCards


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