Tom Barton

Tom Barton

Co-Founder and Director of Food, Quality and Sustainability,, Honest Burgers
Tom co-founded Honest Burgers pretty much straight out of uni back in 2010, it was his first proper job! They started selling homemade burgers and chips out of a glorified tent (normally in the rain) at weddings and food festivals. They got their first bricks and mortar site in Brixton village in 2011 and managed to open their doors with only £7.5k in the bank. They had queues of hungry Londoners straight away. Their focus has always been the simple things that make restaurants great. Homemade food and human experiences. They have now grown honest to a nationwide business with 43 restaurants, over 900 people and they still make 90% of their menu from scratch, selling about 3m burgers per year. Tom's role at honest has always centred around food, he oversees their menu and collaborations, and any food related projects, like their Honest Kitchen, their butchery and Honest Farming. They freely admit they are not perfect, and they’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way but they believe they always tried to stay true to the name above our door. Recently they have become much more aware of their impact on the planet and Honest Farming is their way of tackling that impact directly. They now work with a small number of regenerative farmers who are actively working to restore their soils and biodiversity in their landscapes. The world’s food systems are broken, and restaurants have a responsibility to effect positive change in their own supply chain. Honest Farming is them doing just that and it’s the first stage of their journey to becoming a net zero company.

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