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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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04 Feb 2024

How to Win the Connected Customer Experience

How to Win the Connected Customer Experience

Brands that succeed in 2024 are likely to be those that connect brand and customer experiences seamlessly, digitally and physically in everyday life: at home, in play, in retail, and more. Faced with “uncomfortable” new and emerging tech, platforms and practices, from AI to TikTok to Social Commerce, brands often struggle with connecting customer experience – and how to define success. 

Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, VMLY&R Commerce and Emma Watkinson, CEO and Co-Founder, SilkFred explore opportunities for brands.


Key Insights:

1. Seamless Integration is Crucial: Success in 2023 demands a seamless blend of brand and customer experiences across digital and physical domains.

2. Tackling Tech Challenges: Brands grapple with emerging tech like AI, TikTok, and Social Commerce. The session addressed the struggle to connect customer experiences amidst evolving technology.

3. Winning Strategy: Watkinson shared SilkFred's 11-year journey, centred on operational excellence and AI integration to guide customers through choices.

4. Workforce Empowerment for Improvement: SilkFred prioritises empowering its workforce to understand customer data, encouraging curiosity and driving incremental improvements in customer experience.

5. Adapting to Challenges: Acknowledging a 70% drop in dress searches, Watkinson advised brands to focus on controlling what they can.

6. Maximising Margins Smartly: Brands must maximise margins without compromising customer experience, eliminate unprofitable products, prioritise quality over discounts, and adapt strategies to changing consumer needs.


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