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02 Nov 2023

Using Chat-GPT to Create Impactful Content for Social Media with Heather Murray

Using Chat-GPT to Create Impactful Content for Social Media with Heather Murray

Tell us about your career so far and the essential turning points that got you where you are today.

I began my work in legal - 13 years working in the marketing teams at firms like KPMG, Beachcroft and Osborne Clarke. I loved the glamour of the fancy offices, the technology we got to use and the cutting-edge training, but I always felt something was missing. I decided on a complete flip in my career and went on to help manage a community centre in Bristol - what a change that was! Following the initial shock, I absolutely fell in love with the centre, and with working with so many incredible people, quietly and thanklessly helping other people day in, day out. When I started my own business, I wanted a mixture of both: the power and tech of corporate, and the heart and purpose of charity - which is why my agency sets aside 20% of our profits to run our own charity projects for isolated older people. I love every second of it.

How do you go about analysing your audience and their pains?

Every time you talk to an existing or potential client, listen as hard as you possibly can. They tell you everything you need to know. Better still, ask the right questions and you’ll unlock all the tools you need to win. Don’t be distracted by your ideas of what your clients want - listen to them instead.

What makes good content? How to renew content while staying on brand?

In my opinion, good content is easy to understand. That doesn’t mean simple, or low-level, it means it clearly gets its point across.It uses the right format to convey its message, it doesn’t take up too much of your time, it’s different and it’s memorable.

What is one of your favourite campaigns (marketing/social media/other) that you worked on, and what made it successful?

I love working on our EliteEngage programme - it’s a fusion of AI, automation, LinkedIn and cold email for cutting edge high ticket lead generation. It’s just like nothing I’ve seen before - combining the very best of tech with the very best of human talent. The results speak for themselves, but I’m so proud to have designed it.Microsoft called it “the most intelligent campaign of this form they’ve seen”.

Your conference at Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo

Tell us more about your 2023 speaking session

“ChatGPT + LinkedIn = Social Selling Success”

I love AI and I love LinkedIn. I knew the two together could be really powerful, but people were getting it so wrong. So I worked hard and wrote a prompting playbook that takes all the good bits AI thrives on, and points out all the bits it can’t yet handle, and have created something that can really help people do better on LinkedIn.

How to make ChatGPT sound exactly like you?

This section was about training ChatGPT in your specific tone of voice. People complain about it being bland or boring - which it is, by default. But if you give it enough of an example of your own writing, it can learn all of your little quirks, and start to sound just like you.

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Quick-fire questions

Favourite social media platform?

LinkedIn. By miles.

The tool you use the most on your laptop?

ChatGPT (of course).

What do you see in the future of marketing? How do you prepare for it?

Hyper personalisation. Sort your data out.

What are some marketing innovations you’re really excited about?

AI, what else!

What inspires you in life?

Those who do good without needing any thanks or recognition.

What is one of your proudest moments in your career?

Winning 16th in the top 100 Marketing Technology Influencers 2023 - when Neil Patel was number 1!

What is something you’re still looking forward to achieving in your career?

So much - I’d love to do a Ted talk about how I’ve used anxiety to fuel my success.

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