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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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08 Dec 2023

How to superpower your B2B brand experience

How to superpower your B2B brand experience

Empower Your B2B Brand Experience: Insights from Nick Hague | eCommerce Expo Session Highlights

Join us for this session with Nick Hague, Author, Director, and Podcast Host of B2B International and The B2B Insights Podcast, as he unveils the secrets to supercharging your B2B brand experience ! Nick presents invaluable insights from one of the largest B2B studies, guiding brands on what truly matters to buyers in today's fiercely competitive landscape.


🎙Listen to the Full Session:

🔍 Key Insights:

1️⃣ B2B Superpowers Unveiled: Nick Hague, founder of a prominent market research company, delves into the B2B Superpowers, unveiling crucial strategies to triumph in the competitive B2B landscape.

2️⃣ Buyer Expectations Soar: Discover the findings from an extensive B2B survey, showcasing the escalating expectations of buyers who demand brand experiences that align with their digital consumer lives.

3️⃣ 7 Decision Drivers: Hague identifies the 7 key "decision drivers" that set brands apart – expertise, integration, diversity, ethics, environment, personal values, and employee treatment.

4️⃣ Benefits of Meeting Drivers: Explore the substantial benefits for brands aligning with these 7 drivers, including shorter sales cycles, increased spending, and significantly heightened customer loyalty.

5️⃣ Exemplary Brands: Hague shares examples of brands exceeding expectations, particularly in areas such as safety, ethics, and expertise, setting a benchmark for success.

6️⃣ "Being Good is Good for Business": Uncover the central theme of the research – brands embracing social values and community not only contribute positively but also reap tangible commercial benefits.


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