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18 - 19 September 2024
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08 Dec 2023

Storytelling for eCommerce Brands: what would Hemingway say to a marketer?

Storytelling for eCommerce Brands: what would Hemingway say to a marketer?

In this session at eCommerce Expo, Gaston Tourn, Chief Marketing Officer at Curio, delved into the realm of storytelling, drawing inspiration from none other than the literary giant, Ernest Hemingway. Tourn, with a rich background working with brands like YouTube, Emma, and Curio, shared invaluable insights to elevate the storytelling prowess of eCommerce marketers.

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Session Highlights:

  1. Navigating Crisis with Fiction Techniques: Tourn's journey began with the task of revitalizing YouTube's narrative during a crisis in 2014. To breathe life into the platform's story, he turned to the techniques found in fiction writing.
  2. Divergence from Static Narratives: Recognizing the disparity between business storytelling and fiction, Tourn emphasized the need for dynamic narratives, steering away from static diagrams and embracing change and conflict akin to dramatic arcs in novels.
  3. Immediate Engagement: Channeling the essence of great fiction, Tourn underscored the importance of gripping openings. Whether in advertising copy, retail displays, or storytelling, capturing attention from the outset is paramount.
  4. Embracing Conflict for Resonance: Tourn highlighted the narrative impact of introducing conflict or antagonists in stories, illustrating with examples such as Bumble's powerful response to a sexist user.
  5. The Power of Unvarnished Truth: Taking a page from Hemingway's playbook, Tourn showcased bold campaigns from Volkswagen, KFC, and Netflix, revealing unfiltered truths to foster consumer trust.
  6. Bringing Purpose to Life: Applying fiction writing tactics, Tourn crafted a compelling brand video for YouTube, focusing on the platform's unique purpose of connecting people.


As eCommerce brands seek to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, the wisdom distilled from Hemingway's storytelling legacy offers a blueprint for creating narratives that resonate, captivate, and leave a lasting imprint on consumers.

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