October 2023 in eCommerce

October 2023 in eCommerce

October 2023 in eCommerce

Bite-size updates on what happened in eCommerce and marketing this month, to keep you ahead of the curve and inform your campaigns.


Social media and search engine updates October 2023


Meta is looking into offering subscriptions for no ads in Europe.

Meta introduces Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger, a way for people managing Facebook pages to engage more deeply with their followers.


Tiktok introduces “Out of Phone: TikTok Beyond the Mobile Screen” bringing the platform’s content into the real world: billboards, cinemas, and other screens. This presents many new opportunities for brands to leverage the power of TikTok.

The social also rolls out an update on its “Share to TikTok” integrations, partnering with Adobe and others to increase the creation tools for the platform.


YouTube presents “Spotlight Moments”, an ad leveraging AI to identify the most popular and relevant videos for advertisers.


Instagram is testing polls in the comments.

Just like Meta, the social media is looking to offer subscriptions for no ads in Europe.


Google releases mobile-first indexing, meaning optimising the mobile version of your websites should be a priority.

Google also updated its spam detections systems, review Google’s spam policies for best practices.

The search engine’s October core update has now been completed.





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