November 2023 in eCommerce

November 2023 in eCommerce

November 2023 in eCommerce

Lily Tokmantseva

OpenAI CEO Fired and Re-Hired

In under a week, Sam Altman, the brain behind ChatGPT, has transitioned from being the CEO to the ex-CEO and back again at Open AI. In a twist reminiscent of a script from a show like "Silicon Valley," the artificial intelligence firm startled everyone by first declaring Altman's departure, only to reverse the decision and reinstate him a couple of days later. There's a fresh board in place now, and the company is pledging to delve into an internal investigation regarding Altman's actions.


LinkedIn Turns 20 Years Old!

In November, LinkedIn marked its 20th anniversary, evolving from a job-search platform to a ‘must have’ social media channel for every B2B marketer. This professional community, which surpassed a billion members in November, has seamlessly incorporated AI summary tools into job searches and advertising and recently rolled out AI chatbots  to assist candidates in their job searches.


X is to replace everything? 

If you don’t think your marketing and business plans are ambitious enough, take inspiration from Elon Musk. In the leaked all-hands meeting recording, the new owner of X-Twitter mentioned that ‘X will replace YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceTime, dating apps, and even your bank’. According to Business Insider, X has been steadily dropping its value by nearly $70 million per day since its acquisition by Musk.


Black Friday puts pressure on retail industry

The mid-November data poll conducted by IMRG revealed that 42.5% of a select sample of retailers were dissatisfied with their online trade just a few weeks before Black Friday. Marketers also faced the challenge as a recent study by Nibble suggested that only 30% of messages managed to persuade customers to complete the transactions. The final performance numbers will be revealed next month. 

YouTube rolls out campaign against Ad Blockers

YouTube intensified a global initiative against ad blockers. Users who use ad blockers may experience restrictions and receive a message stating that video playback is blocked unless YouTube is whitelisted or the ad blocker is turned off. The platform is urging users to either permit ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

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