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18 - 19 September 2024
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26 Jun 2024

Your Month in eCommerce and Marketing

Your Month in eCommerce and Marketing

Canva Enhances Toolset with New AI Features

Canva, an absolute favourite design tool among marketers, has expanded its suite with new AI-powered tools. The latest update includes features for creating AI-generated graphics, images, and videos, an enhancement stemming from their earlier Magic Studio upgrade. Additionally, the new 'Magic Write' feature allows users to generate customized text content, similar to capabilities seen in tools like ChatGPT, tailored to specific brand voices. Canva's aim to be a more comprehensive "all-in-one" design tool is evident with these introductions, which also include the ability to automatically generate highlights from video clips.

Instagram Introduces Exclusive Live Broadcasts for Close Friends

Instagram has rolled out a new feature allowing users to host Live broadcasts exclusively for their Close Friends list. This update provides a more intimate broadcasting experience, akin to a private group FaceTime call, enabling users to stream alongside up to three other accounts. Previously, Live videos were accessible to all followers or the public if the account was set to public. This change targets users seeking privacy, offering them the freedom to share without broader audience scrutiny, such as in personal influencer content or private study sessions.

IMRG Report Highlights AI's Growing Impact in eCommerce

A new study from IMRG indicates a significant shift towards AI integration within the eCommerce sector. The survey, involving 1,000 UK shoppers, found that 86.2% acknowledge AI personalization features as influential in their purchasing decisions. This data underscores the evolving landscape of online shopping, where AI tools are becoming increasingly critical in enhancing consumer experiences and optimizing engagement.

Meta Expands AI Offerings with New Business Tools

Meta is pushing further into AI technology with the introduction of new tools aimed at enhancing business communications and content creation. These include AI chatbots built on Meta Llama 3 for Messenger, designed to streamline customer interactions and support. Additionally, Meta has launched new business messaging capabilities to organize and send paid marketing messages, along with a Threads API that enables scaled content sharing for businesses and creators. These tools, set to be integrated across Meta’s platforms, reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to leveraging AI for business growth and customer engagement.

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