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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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10 Jan 2024

Mastering Composable Commerce: A Practical Checklist

Mastering Composable Commerce: A Practical Checklist

A checklist for improving your key KPIs with Composable commerce while avoiding the most common pitfalls - drawing from practical experience from Lars Petersen, CEO of Uniform, Tomas A. Krag and Malgorzata Radkiewicz from NoA Ignite Denmark.


Mastering composable commerce checklist:

1.     Traditional vs. Composable: Learn the distinctions between monolithic and composable commerce architectures for optimal KPI improvements.

2.     Implementing Headless Commerce: Krag's experience at Bang & Olufsen stresses continuous improvement, avoiding complexity, and steering clear of excessive integrations.

3.     Avoiding Glue Code Trap: Petersen warns against developer-centric pitfalls, introducing digital experience composition as a remedy.

4.     Ungluing Front-end: Krag's success at ANA using Uniform illustrates simplifying integration and enabling component re-use.

5.     Customer-First Approach: Radkiewicz emphasizes always prioritizing customer experience and maintaining internal oversight in composable architecture.

6.     Future Challenges: Peterson and Krag discuss upcoming hurdles in content, AI, and managing the complexity of multiple SaaS tools.


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