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18 - 19 September 2024
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06 Dec 2023

Making gifting season culturally inclusive

Making gifting season culturally inclusive

Unlock the secrets to a culturally inclusive gifting season as visionary speakers Christopher Kenna, Debbie Ellison, and Charlene Overend share their insights in this compelling eCommerce Expo session. Hosted by Brand Advance Group's CEO, Christopher Kenna, the discussion delves into the essential strategies that brands can adopt to connect with underrepresented groups and foster a truly inclusive approach to gifting.


🌐 Key Insights from the Session:

  1. Empathy-Driven Branding: Christopher Kenna's personal journey fuels the mission of Brand Advance Group, where reaching underrepresented groups is not just a business goal but a passion rooted in real-life experiences.
  2. Understanding Consumer Priorities: Debbie Ellison highlights the importance of decoding the shopping behaviours and priorities of target consumers, with a focus on events and holidays that hold cultural significance for them.
  3. The Accessibility Imperative: Charlene Overend emphasises that accessibility isn't just about physical spaces but extends to digital platforms. Many disabled consumers grapple with inaccessible websites and stores, making inclusivity a key aspect of brand appeal.
  4. Authenticity in Campaigns: Tesco's Ramadan campaign stands out as a stellar example of authentic brand appeal to diverse cultures. The session explores how such campaigns can drive genuine engagement and fuel business growth.
  5. Beyond Sales Metrics: The panel advocates for a broader perspective on effectiveness, encouraging brands to measure success through metrics like brand consideration and equity scores, segmented by diverse audience groups.


The speakers urge brands to take meaningful steps towards inclusivity, whether big or small, by actively engaging with and listening to the communities they serve.

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As the gifting season approaches, the session provides a roadmap for brands to embrace diversity and create campaigns that resonate authentically. It's not just about gifts; it's about fostering connections and celebrating the richness of cultural diversity.

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