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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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30 Apr 2024

Why Leading Brands Choose App as Their Retention Channel

Why Leading Brands Choose App as Their Retention Channel

In this conference Helen Slaven, Chief Revenue Officer at Poq, and Jennifer North, Head of Digital Experience at Hobbycraft, shared valuable insights into the pivotal role of mobile apps in driving customer retention and lifetime value.

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Key Insights

  • Mobile apps are increasingly vital sales channels for retailers, with eCommerce growth on the web slowing post-Covid while shopping via apps continues to rise, as explained by Helen Slavemn from Poq.

  • Apps provide brands with a direct avenue to engage customers within their own controlled environment, reducing reliance on noisy online competition and paid ads for retention.

  • Jennifer North from Hobbycraft highlighted the app's role in better engaging loyal customers and communicating promotions through their loyalty program.

  • Hobbycraft's app witnessed significant success within just four weeks of launch, with over 2,000 downloads, higher average order value (AOV), conversion rates surpassing mobile web, and a quarter of users redeeming rewards in-store.

  • Retailers are advised to develop a clear app proposition tailored to their best customers, avoiding mere duplication of the mobile site, and prepare for the operational complexities of an additional sales channel, according to Jenny North.

  • Reflecting on Hobbycraft's experience, North expressed a resounding endorsement for launching an app again, and sooner, given the evident business benefits realised thus far.

In summary, the session underscores the importance of mobile apps in driving customer retention and provides actionable insights for brands looking to harness the full potential of this channel.

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