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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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10 Jan 2024

Keeping your customers happy with personalised, accessible and AI-driven experiences

Keeping your customers happy with personalised, accessible and AI-driven experiences

In today's highly competitive world, where customers have numerous options and heightened expectations, retailers face the challenge of fostering mutually valuable and long-term relationship with their customers. Organisations leveraging data creatively and ethically are more likely to succeed by acquiring and retaining a larger customer base. 


In this session:

1. What has been the driving force behind The Very Group's remarkable transition from a catalogue-based retailer to becoming a UK’s leading digital-only retailer within a decade?

2. How has the organisation tailored their offerings and experiences to individual customer preferences, thus enhancing customer engagement and loyalty?

3. How is The Very Group employing Artificial Intelligence to elevate customer experiences and provide personalised, efficient, and seamless interactions with customers?


Key insights: 

1.     Digital Evolution Success: The Very Group's transition from catalogue-based to a leading digital retailer is attributed to early adoption of technology trends.

2.     Tailored Offerings: Personalizing offerings based on individual preferences enhances customer engagement and loyalty.

3.     AI-Driven Experiences: The Very Group leverages Artificial Intelligence for efficient, seamless customer interactions, with conversational commerce in focus.

4.     Cultural Shift Challenges: Embracing new technology involves overcoming cultural hurdles, with people and culture change being more significant than the tech itself.

5.     AI Opportunities: AI presents opportunities for productivity, improved decision-making, and creating novel customer experiences.

6.     Measurement and Agility: Key to success is measuring impact on business metrics, being agile to test and learn, and aligning technology with clear outcomes.


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