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18 - 19 September 2024
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18 - 19 September 2024
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27 Feb 2024

What does it mean to go "composable"? How to plan, and how to do it.

What does it mean to go

Renato Cason, Chief Technology Officer at Lampoo, shared pivotal insights on transitioning from a Magento monolith to a composable commerce architecture. Here's a concise breakdown of key takeaways for businesses eyeing flexibility and customisation in their eCommerce approach.

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In This Session & Key Insights:

  1. Flexible Stitching of Solutions: Cason emphasised the shift towards composable commerce, enabling businesses to weave together optimal solutions for different aspects of their e-Commerce stack. This move liberates companies from the constraints of a one-size-fits-all platform.
  2. Strategic Solution Selection: When adopting composable solutions, meticulous evaluation of features, complexity, support, and pricing is crucial. Choosing the right tools involves defining scope and setting clear boundaries to ensure alignment with business needs.
  3. Thorough Documentation: Documenting the integration of tools and processes is vital. With composable commerce, businesses take ownership of the overall structure. A detailed documentation process is key to navigating and maintaining the new architecture effectively.
  4. Swapping Solutions with Ease: One notable advantage of composable commerce is the flexibility to replace solutions swiftly if dissatisfaction arises with any part of the stack. This adaptability ensures businesses can stay agile and responsive to evolving needs.
  5. Continuous Team Training: Amid major platform changes, Cason stressed the importance of keeping teams well-versed in new procedures. An agile approach demands ongoing training and updates to workflows to ensure seamless adaptation to changes.

Conclusion: Lampoo's transition to a composable commerce architecture provides a valuable roadmap for businesses seeking heightened flexibility and customisation in their eCommerce strategy. By strategically selecting solutions, thorough documentation, and continuous training, companies can successfully navigate the composable commerce landscape for sustained success.

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