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18 - 19 September 2024
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11 Dec 2023

The Future of eCommerce: Top Trends and Strategies for Success

The Future of eCommerce: Top Trends and Strategies for Success

Dive into the dynamic world of eCommerce with Chloë Thomas, renowned Author and Podcast Host of eCommerce MasterPlan, as she moderates a panel discussion featuring David Meakin, Head of Partnerships & Solution Engineering at SHOPLINE, and Marianne Morrison, Investment Director at Baaj Capital. In this captivating session, these industry experts unravel top trends and strategic approaches to empower businesses in the ever-evolving realm of online commerce.

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In this session:

  • Chloë Thomas Leads the Discussion: The session kicks off with Chloë Thomas leading an insightful panel discussion featuring David Meakin from SHOPLINE and Marianne Morrison from Baaj Capital and In The Style. The focus is on exploring current eCommerce trends and effective strategies.
  • Challenges in the Modern Landscape: Marianne Morrison addresses the challenges faced by brands today, highlighting issues such as the constant evolution of business plans, overreliance on data, and the quest for differentiation in a competitive market.
  • AI as a Major Trend: David Meakin identifies artificial intelligence (AI) as a prominent trend in eCommerce. However, he stresses the significant challenge of effectively implementing AI strategies for brands.
  • Testing, Learning, and Targeting: The panellists advocate a pragmatic approach of testing and learning, cautioning against blindly following trends. They stress the importance of targeted content and creative strategies tailored to the specific needs of individual customer bases.
  • Strategic Flexibility: The experts advise businesses to maintain a vision and roadmap while staying flexible. Embracing a step-by-step approach over rigid long-term plans is recommended. Careful selection of technology partners aligning with objectives is also deemed crucial.
  • In The Style's Migration to SHOPLINE: Marianne Morrison reveals the strategic move of In The Style to migrate to SHOPLINE. The decision is driven by SHOPLINE's advanced features and integrations, aligning seamlessly with In The Style's international expansion goals on an out-of-the-box platform.

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