Forever 21 re-opens UK ecommerce operation with new online store

Forever 21 re-opens UK ecommerce operation with new online store

Forever 21 re-opens UK ecommerce operation with new online store

22 Jun 2020
Sanne Leenders
US fashion retailer, Forever 21, has launched a new UK online store to service its loyal British consumers with the full international assortment, an improved site and localised ecommerce experience.

The brand is working with cross-border e-commerce solutions provider Global-e, to accelerate its global online expansion, which began in APAC and LATAM earlier this year.

Forever 21 has large following of fashion savvy consumers in the UK and Europe that have been waiting to shop the latest fashion. Forever 21’s new global strategy is to grow through online cross-border e-commerce with international shipping to key markets from its US fulfillment hub.

Since implementing this new approach, Forever 21 has achieved significant uplift in conversion rates and the number of orders across these markets. In Taiwan, for example, conversion rates rose by 72% YoY and in Australia the brand has achieved a 133% YoY uplift in conversion rates since launching its dedicated localized offering, coupled with increase in customer satisfaction rates.

Through the partnership with Global-e, Forever 21 will now be able to provide its customers in the UK with an enhanced online shopping experience that is tailored to the market’s characteristics and shopping preferences.

The F21 Customers in the UK will be offered the latest fashion and the ability to pay in local currency, prices are tax and duty inclusive. The customer will have clear visibility of the local pricing in their final shopping basket and with no hidden costs added at checkout or upon delivery.

Additionally, the brand offers free express shipping for all purchases over £70, an easy returns process and an all-new Forever 21 App experience you can download now in the App Store & Google Play. Forever 21 will also partner will payment solutions as “Klarna” to offer their customers convenient and efficient payment solutions.

Globally, the Forever 21 international online offering now includes support for 95+ currencies, over 150 local and alternative payment methods, localized checkout in 25 languages, a wide choice of shipping methods at attractive rates and a transparent and easy returns process.

Daniel Kulle, CEO at Forever 21, said: “We are excited to offer our trendy collections on our Global online site, to our large following of loyal Forever 21 fans in the UK and mainland Europe.

Our loyal consumers are digital savvy and expect a seamless, sophisticated online shopping experience, so it is vital for us to ensure that every step in the online journey is tailored to their needs and preferences. Global-e’s advanced cross-border localization solutions have been a crucial part of our growth.

“Despite the market conditions the entire industry is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a strong demand for the Forever 21 brand in the UK and the rest of Europe. We are dedicated to providing the best online shopping experience for both our UK shoppers and other loyal customers globally.”

Matthew Merrilees, CEO North America at Global-e, said: “The dramatic increase in the number of consumers in the UK and across the globe that are purchasing online in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizes the accelerating shift from physical retail to e-commerce and the need to re-think and adapt future business models and international multichannel strategy more than ever.

Forever 21 is a strong brand that has fortified its position as an online leader and has taken valuable steps to get ahead of the curve, with a renewed shift to e-commerce and an advanced cross-border strategy.

Since launching its online store that is fully localized to individual markets, the brand is already driving an uplift in online conversion rates and we couldn’t be more excited to support the relaunch of its online activity in the UK.”

About Forever 21

Forever 21 continues to be a fashion industry leader with a mission to make the latest trends accessible to all. F21 persists on staying ahead of innovation and providing styles and fit that our customers love. Now a part of Simon Property Group, Brookfield Property Group and Authentic Brands Group with a global retail footprint in more than 100,000 points of sale across the luxury, specialty, department store, mid-tier, mass, and e-commerce channels. F21 will continue to set the same high standards it’s always had.


You can read the original article on Cross Border Magazine here

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