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18 - 19 September 2024
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11 Dec 2023

The eCommerce platform for unique organisations, with one-of-a-kind products

The eCommerce platform for unique organisations, with one-of-a-kind products

Introducing Sitecore's Composable Commerce Platform! Explore the future of eCommerce tailored for distinctive organisations with Peter Fellows, Senior Commerce Specialist at Sitecore, and George Smith, Regional Managing Director at Horizontal. In this session, uncover how Sitecore Commerce breaks away from the one-size-fits-all approach, empowering brands with unique products to maintain their distinctiveness and deliver unmatched customer experiences.

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Key Takeaways:

🌐 Composable Commerce for Unique Brands: George Smith sheds light on how Sitecore Commerce caters to organisations with one-of-a-kind products, such as manufacturers and theme parks. Learn how a composable commerce platform allows brands like Alex's Bikes to scale gradually and expand across various channels, including marketplaces and B2B selling.

📈 Flexibility Amid Complexity: eCommerce for unique brands comes with challenges. George highlights the evolving needs of brands like Alex's Bikes, emphasising how Sitecore's flexibility addresses complexities as businesses grow, incorporating order management, segmentation, and personalisation capabilities.

🎨 Beyond Generic eCommerce: Peter Fellows unveils how Sitecore leverages its robust web content management capabilities to craft engaging and personalised shopping experiences. Explore real client examples, including a theme park ticketing site and bank marketplace, seamlessly blending branding with commerce through content personalisation.

💡 Innovative and Scalable Solutions: Fellows positions Sitecore's composable, pay-as-you-go platform, OrderCloud, as a modern alternative to legacy systems. Witness how brands can innovate and scale incrementally, avoiding the constraints of expensive traditional solutions.

🌐 Empowering Your Brand: Whether you're a theme park, a manufacturer, or a brand with unique offerings, Sitecore's revolutionary approach ensures your eCommerce platform aligns with your brand ethos and grows with your business.


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