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18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

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22 Jan 2024

Cross-Border eCommerce: Strategies for Global Growth

Cross-Border eCommerce: Strategies for Global Growth

Explore the dynamic landscape of Cross-Border eCommerce and its role in unlocking global growth. This expert panel discusses key strategies, technologies, and trends, offering valuable insights for businesses aiming to expand internationally.


Chairperson: Emma Jones, Lead - Strategic Partnerships and Alliances for Digital Commerce - Department for Business & Trade


  • Deepak Anand, GM for UK & Europe - SHOPLINE
  • Ralph Aoun, Global Marketing Manager - Meta
  • Susan Roe, International Trade Specialist - E-Commerce Trade Commission / IOE&IT
  • Jennifer McCloskey, Senior Manager, Global Government Affairs and Public Policy - Google

Key Insights:

  1. Mobile and Social Presence: Emma Jones highlighted the significance of leveraging mobile devices and social media for sales, particularly targeting younger generations.
  2. AI for Customisation: Jennifer McCloskey discussed the role of AI in tailoring shopping experiences and advertisements to connect effectively with international customers.
  3. Reducing Friction: Ralph Aoun stressed the importance of minimising friction in the shopping journey by localising messaging, currencies, and payment options to decrease cart abandonment.
  4. Scalable eCommerce Technology: Deepak Anand emphasised the need for scalable eCommerce technology integrated with AI for providing seamless and personalised shopping experiences across borders.
  5. Government Support: Susan Roe shared insights about the eCommerce Trade Commission's role in supporting SMEs selling overseas by addressing barriers and providing guidance.
  6. Utilising Free Support: Emma Jones encouraged businesses to take advantage of free support services, such as the Department for International Trade's International Trade Advisors, to facilitate eCommerce exports.

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