May 2023 in eCommerce

May 2023 in eCommerce

May 2023 in eCommerce

Bite-size updates on what happened in eCommerce in May, to keep you ahead of the curve and inform your campaigns.



Social media and search engine updates May 2023






  • YouTube starts implementing 30-seconds unskippable ads on connected TVs
  • The video-sharing platform decided to remove its Stories feature next month
  • Community posts are now available to all channels


  • Direct messaging for company accounts and pages is being introduced by the platform. This will allow brands to interact with their users directly and answer customer queries
  • The platform now adds more verifications in job listings


  • TikTok launches 'the Artist Impact Program' to allow brands and businesses to use music from artists while compensating them.
  • The app launched animated video stickers for direct messages
  • TikTok is also leveraging AI, testing a new AI chatbot in the app

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