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25th - 26th SEPTEMBER 2019  |  OLYMPIA

Latest News

Latest News

  • Online retail packaging lessons from Black Friday 2017

    01 Aug 2018 Rob Carle, Head of sales, e-commerce UK at DS Smith Packaging
    In the rush of Black Friday, and in the run up to Christmas, you may not have given much thought to how your packaging effects the shopper experience. That’s understandable, given that it’s hard enoug ...
  • How can you prepare for Black Friday 2018? What trends are going to influence performance this year and what can you learn from shopping patterns during last year's peak period? On 21 June 2018, IMRG ...
  • Laying the foundations for a booming Black Friday

    03 Aug 2018 Branwell Johnson, Director of Content - Propeller Group
    UK consumers spent a hefty £1.4bn on online sales on Black Friday last year (source IMRG). Every retailer would like a slice of that revenue but in a fiercely competitive market it’s all too easy to g ...
  • Why Retail needs to become truly customer centric

    20 Aug 2018 Martin Newman, Founder and Chairman at Practicology
    Martin Newman, Founder and Chairman at Practicology, writes on why he is excited to be involved with eCommerce Expo again this year with the over-arching theme of customer centricity, which is one ver ...

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