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25th - 26th SEPTEMBER 2019  |  OLYMPIA

Speaker Q&A with Lauren Cecchi, CEO and Creative Director, Lauren Cecchi

Speaker Q&A with Lauren Cecchi, CEO and Creative Director, Lauren Cecchi

Lauren Cecchi

Providing thoughts on how the fashion industry can gain from eCommerce and buying trends, Lauren Cecchi, CEO & Creative Director, Lauren Cecchi New York, speaks to John Bensalhia...


1. Who or what inspired your interest in fashion?

From a young age I was always interested in crafts and playing dress-up. I loved to be creative and got lost in colouring. But I believe it was when my grandmother taught me how to sew that I was able to put it all together and found myself longing for a career in the fashion industry.

2. How is eCommerce benefiting the fashion industry?

I believe eCommerce is highly beneficial to the fashion industry, especially with the “See now, Buy now” craze. For example, I’m uploading photos for my brand everyday just to show consumers how to style our bags, giving them inspiration on the right occasion to wear them to and helping them realise why they need one.

It used to be that we had to look for inspiration in magazines, but now we can simply open our phones and get flooded with new products right at our fingertips. We can see an influencer all the way in China wearing a dress we love and instantly add it to our cart. I think that’s the beauty of eCommerce – you can be anywhere in the world and still have access to an unlimited wardrobe.

3. What are the advantages of buying fashion and accessories online, as opposed to high street shops?

Shopping online has numerous advantages. For instance, most companies will pay for free shipping and returns, not to mention you can compare prices on the same item across several different sites. There’s a far greater variety of products online and the consumer often benefits from rebates, website discounts, and other shopping incentives.

The only thing you miss out on when street shopping is the experience – discovering new brands, getting that instant gratification, and being able to wear your purchase a moment after you buy it.

4. What notable online retail facilities are available for your customers (i.e. a mobile app)?

We sell through our own eCommerce, as well as through Instagram, Facebook, and other online retailers such as Amazon and Runway2Street. We don’t have a mobile app yet, but maybe in the future, when we have a larger product assortment, we will.

5. What’s next in the pipeline for your business?

Right now, we are focusing on our second collaboration with Macy’s Herald Square and are offering customers the best products at their price point. It’s been a lot of fun creating a line of moderately-priced handbags that suit the needs of new customers, especially the ones who want a high-quality, exquisite leather bag that’s made in the US. The customer feels luxurious although they may be spending only $125 on a piece from our collection. It’s certainly helping me expand my horizons as a designer and get in touch with new customers! 

6. With eCommerce Expo joining forces with Technology for Marketing and ad:tech for the first time this year, what are your thoughts on the forthcoming event in September 2018?

I’m extremely excited for the show in September! I think the joint venture brings a new element of information and knowledge to those attending. eCommerce really does need to be partnered with marketing and advertisements to be successful, so I think it’s going to be a beautiful symphony between the forces. 


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