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25th - 26th SEPTEMBER 2019  |  OLYMPIA

Algolia Empowers Businesses to Optimize Customer Experience and Boost Relevance with Smarter Experimentation

Algolia Empowers Businesses to Optimize Customer Experience and Boost Relevance with Smarter Experimentation


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – June 19, 2018 – Algolia , the leading Search and Discovery API for websites and mobile apps, today introduced new A/B Testing solutions to help product teams improve relevance, measure performance and ultimately optimize the user experience for higher conversions and engagement.

Search and Discovery is a critical component of the digital experience, and to date, businesses have been testing search relevance in the dark — with little to no performance data or post-query metrics to inform how to optimize search results. Algolia’s recently launched Analytics API and Click Analytics solutions were the first steps in solving this challenge by providing a complete view into the entire search lifecycle from query to click-through to conversion. The A/B Testing features rolled out today build on this data and provide product teams with a platform to test, experiment and improve the performance of the search experience.

According to a recent Forrester Research report, improving customer experience 1 (CX) leads to faster revenue growth, increased margins and lower costs. When turning to a digital tool, users want to accomplish a goal — whether it's finding a new pair of shoes, procuring raw materials for a factory, checking an account balance, issuing an invoice, or finding out what their friends or colleagues are doing. But when search and navigation fail to deliver, users abandon tasks. When that happens, you erode trust and aggravate customers, driving them to more expensive channels like call centers and account managers to accomplish their goals.

“Without A/B Testing, product teams are left to optimize search relevance based on educated guesses or even worse, a gut feeling. Our goal is to arm our customers with the data and tools they need to constantly measure impact from the search experience and unlock business value, while at the same time making developers’ lives easier with a low-code development model,” said Maxime Prades, VP of Product at Algolia. “Since launching our new analytics solutions, we’re making significant investments in tools that build on data and insights that improve user experience. A/B Testing is one of our most powerful relevance tools to date, and is the first of many solutions we’ll introduce that help businesses connect user intent with relevant and engaging experiences.”

With Algolia’s new A/B Testing solutions, businesses can:

? Improve relevance, accelerate engagement and increase conversion: Discover which strategies lead to the most rewarding user experiences, validate business decisions and continuously optimize search and discovery experience to increase engagement and conversion.

? Launch new experiments with no code changes: Any authorized user can test new strategies and improve experiences on any device, directly from Algolia’s dashboard without touching any code.

? Stay in control, with confidence : Take control of test lengths and traffic split to design for statistically significant results that can be trusted.

"Algolia's built-in A/B Testing provides our business team with the agility required to continuously iterate on search relevance, and improve our shoppers' experience,” said José R. Pérez-Agu?era, director of E-Commerce Product Management at Mercadona, the #1 retailer in Spain. “A/B Testing is the perfect tool to leverage Algolia's transparent relevance logic.”

New A/B Testing solutions are available with an Enterprise plan today. For more information about Algolia’s Analytics solutions, learn more on our blog.


About Algolia

Our mission is to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding through developer-friendly and enterprise-grade APIs. Algolia helps the most innovative companies across e-commerce, media and SaaS industries create powerful, relevant and scalable discovery experiences for their users. Unlike other solutions, Algolia's hosted platform reduces the complexities of building and scaling a fast, relevant digital experience and helps teams accelerate development time. More than 5,000 companies like Under Armour, Twitch, Periscope, Medium and Stripe rely on Algolia to manage 41 billion search queries a month.

Founded in 2012, Algolia is backed by $74M in funding from Accel Partners, Alven Capital, Point Nine Capital and Storm Ventures. The team is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Paris, London, New York, and Atlanta. To learn more, visit



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