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"As the CEO of a performance marketing company I like to keep my finger on the pulse of not only what other agencies are doing but what our potential customers are concerned about. What are their problems, what are the solutions, what do they need, how can we help them.

It’s been a very interesting day, I’ve come to sit and absorb ideas. The number one thing I think about, day and night, is how we need to evolve to remain competitive. That’s what I try and take from the conference sessions. What I like about the event is, it’s just about ecommerce, everything in this building is focused on how we connect and understand customers, in a more efficient and effective manner"

CEO, House of Kaizen

"It's the first time I attend eCommerce Expo: Coming here is important for our business as we have the opportunity to talk to peers, to network, to find out what's actually happening in the industry. There's only so much that you can find out by sitting in your office - this event gives you the opportunity to broaden your perspective"

Director, JHC Technology

"A coworker was here last year: He recommended the event to me. The conference programme is particularly interesting for us, it's important for my business to attend in order to see what's happening in the technology landscape. To see the trends, to find out how we can benefit from the newest tech"

CEO, Limtel sp. z o.o.



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