ECE Virtual Testimonials

ECE Virtual Testimonials

“Having it virtual provided great value in not having to travel to the event, enjoy the content and, especially, be able to network.”

Guy Eran, Director of Global Alliances and Partnerships, Riskified

“Really good event that I thoroughly enjoyed and gained practical knowledge that I can use in my day-to-day role :)”

Tom Young, Digital Propositions Manager, Just Group

“Despite so many video conference calls these days, this was a very slick way of communicating in a dynamic marketplace and meant you could attend or go back to recorded seminars. Well done to the participants!”

Charles Gordon, Managing Director, What Vaccum

“Well done, it's what the industry needs right now to kick start it"

Lou Schillaci, Founder/CEO Delloop Inc.

“It was all very informative. Thank you for organising such an excellent event”

Akhilesh Agiwal, Director, Plastifoam

“Really good event, thank you so much for providing it for free”

Vanessa Zimmermann, Corebiz

“Overall fantabulous experience attending this virtual event. Great going whole team. All the best for the future.”

Sumant Luhar, Development Success Manager Blogospedia

“Very useful, I recommend to everyone else I know in e-commerce each year”

Ben Leach, Website Designer, Enertor

“It was by and large a positive event with interesting speaker sessions. Thank you”

Duncan Williams, View News Network Ltd

Keep up with the great work”

Valentina Maesano, Project Manager, Kruk Italia Srl

“Thank you - the event was really informative and useful for my staff and me to keep abreast of any new and innovative changes and challenges within the field and keeps us on track. As a small but wide-reaching organisation it's good to hear from the institute leaders.”

Caroline Lecomber, Business and Service Delivery Manager, PNLD

“I was very impressed with how everything was integrated and worked well. Very good”

Kara Ratcliffe, Digital Marketing Manager, Physical Company


“Whilst during the pandemic, we have all been reluctant yet forced to use video as our main means of communication, it was so good to see that the eCommerce Expo worked so well using the same technology. All in all - great content - great delivery. Can't wait to be further involved in the next one.”

Lou Schillaci, Founder/Chief Executive Delloop Inc.