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Shoppertainment - a flash in the pan or the way forward for exciting the customer?

29 Sep 2021
TFM - The Future of Digital Marketing
The Future of Digital Marketing

Shoppertainment is a buzzword gaining traction but what does it really mean for ecommerce?

Is it just a glow-up for QVC-style streaming shopping channels? Or is the convergence of live streaming and ecommerce created a new engagement channel that can drive sales? Should pure play online retailers and D2C brands be investigating this trend?

The phenomenon is based on live video and creator-hosted shops – virtual or physical - and differentiates between ‘buying’ and ‘shopping’.

Chinese commerce titans like Alibaba are leading the way and using influencers (KOLS) in services where the audience can ask about the products, talk to the hosts and send virtual gifts.

“Entertainment is mobile-first, social is mobile-first, but ecommerce is in the Stone Age” – Dan Dan Li, founder of shopping app Popshop Live.

How are the platforms Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Amazon providing retailers with opportunities for ‘Shoppertainment?’ And are Western consumers keen on the concept?

This session will look at

·     The potential for shoppertainment to drive ecommerce

·     What we can learn from Asian practitioners

·     If you are experimenting in this area what you need to know


Branwell Johnson, Director of Content - Propeller Group
Chloe Taylor, - Founder & CEO
Vita Chang, Head of Content Operations Ecosytem - AliExpress
Graham Wilson, Head of Business Development - Sofology