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Behavioural modelling: A marketer’s crystal ball

28 Sep 2021
TFM - The Full Martech Stack
The Full Martech Stack

If you don’t understand why customers behave in a certain way, how can you confidently predict how they’ll respond to your next campaign? Discover the secret to more accurate predictions and better targeting through analysis of past behaviour in this session from James Alty, MD and founder of Apteco.

James will explain how to use behavioural insights across multiple touchpoints to maximise positive marketing outcomes. You’ll learn how behavioural modelling works and discover techniques to identify behavioural patterns that will improve the customer experience and boost campaign performance by using data to better understand – and predict – customer behaviour.

James will discuss the challenges that marketer’s face when trying to use behavioural modelling within their organisations and will discuss the techniques available that offer the key to revealing why customers act and behave in certain ways. Discover how you can build the bridge between “what has happened” and “why did it happen” and move beyond insight into the realm of foresight.

James Alty, managing director - Apteco