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Digital transformation is dead, long live Digital Progression!

28 Sep 2021
TFM - The Full Martech Stack
The Full Martech Stack

The current discourse is that all organisations should be undergoing disruptive and seismic change to transform their strategy and business models. Changing from an approach that has served their customers and helped their business grow to what they are today, to a state where everything is digital first and data drives the customer experience.

The reality is that these changes have been happening for decades. They have continuously evolved as the digital expectations of customers have increased over that time. Yes, Covid has accelerated the ambitions of most organisations but for many, the capabilities, and experiences that they want to deliver have already been part of their mid- and longer-term roadmap for some time.

The challenge for digital leaders now is how prioritize these changes and ensure that they have in place a tech stack that will be an enabler of change and not obstacle to delivering a compelling and cohesive customer experience across whichever channel your customers wish to engage.

Joey Moore, Senior Product Director - Optimizely