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Conversational Commerce: Data driven e-commerce optimization

29 Sep 2021
TFM - The Future of Digital Marketing
The Future of Digital Marketing

With ecommerce expected to account for 21.8% of global retail sales by 2024, and only an average of 1.9% of ecommerce website visits currently converting into a purchase, retailers are rushing to accelerate their digital transformation and deliver seamless online experiences for their customers.

But how to go about doing this? And how can you, as an ambitious retailer, ensure you are understanding your customers to achieve long-term success?

In this session we will not only show how conversational commerce can enhance user experiences, optimize customer service, and strengthen online sales, but outline how it improves:
- Data collection
- Product recommendation
- Checkout & payment
- Ticket deflection

We will also give you full access to the Certainly platform. There you will be guided through the first steps and find out just how easy it is to build and implement the technology across your website. Gain insights into next-generation technology trusted by the likes of Trustpilot, and SikSilk.

Henrik Fabrin, CEO & Co-Founder - Certainly