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Digital transformation and transition to IT: what awaits online retail in the future? With Russian online hypermarket Perekrestok

28 Sep 2021
TFM - The Full Martech Stack
The Full Martech Stack

The pandemic has had a huge impact on all areas of business, especially on e-commerce industry. The sharp increase in demand and number of customers, on the one hand, allowed many players to significantly increase sales, on the other — pointed to the need to strengthen the focus on digitalization and pushed companies to a technological leap.

During the pandemic, many companies revised their IT strategies and began to actively increase their expertise. Large online retailers have also increased investments in the development of technological solutions, began to expand the development and product specialists teams, because today technologies are being introduced not only to differentiate from competitors and increase the value of the business for customers, for example, with omnichannel approach and the launch of new IT products, but also to automate internal processes, process a growing amount of information, increase productivity and even optimize logistics.

The border between IT and the online retail industry is being erased, and large online stores are gradually turning into IT companies that provide full-fledged services based on modern technologies.

What else is awaiting the companies in the online sales industry in the future? Let's look at the example of an online hypermarket Perekrestok, one of the leaders of the e-grocery industry in Russia.

Maria Timofeeva, Head of Product - Perekrestok
Leonid Dovladbegyan, Managing Director - Perekrestok