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The Future of Personalisation: Boosting LTCV with Truly Individualised Customer Experiences.

29 Sep 2021
ECE - The Future of CX
The Future of CX

In this session we will examine site personalisation strategy and how evolving AI capabilities can dramatically elevate the store CX and have a positive impact on lifetime customer value.

The popularity of new shopping options like marketplaces and DTC, new sectors like grocery coming online, diverse fulfilment methods and more businesses and shoppers turning to online sales channels than ever before, leaves your customers overwhelmed by options. Store owners are investing huge amounts in advertising and retargeting to bring customers back to their stores as the competition for the attention of online shoppers soars.

But how do you leverage your personalisation strategy, not simply to boost initial conversions and AOVs, but to generate loyalty and keep those customers returning and converting? We examine future proof strategies that transform your CX, satisfying the ever increasing demands from customers for fully individualised experiences and boosting your ROI on marketing spend.

Gordon Thomson, Director of Business Development - epoq internet services GmbH