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CX also means “Client Experience"

29 Sep 2021
ECE - The Future of CX
The Future of CX

Reality Check: What are ecommerce professionals really checking for when they buy from vendors? We look at three current business challenges and what buyers want to hear from vendors to solve them.


Data Integration: Retailers are collecting vast amounts of customer data, across multiple aspects of their business. How can they best make use of this data and what are the best vendor solutions to consider?

Post-purchase communication: Retailers must engage with customers to secure repeat purchases. Post-purchase communication shows that brands care about their customer (beyond just delivery updates). Which services help retailers to optimise their brand’s voice and keep repeat orders rolling in?

Subscriptions: Getting regular purchases from customers is key, so retailers should automate the process, get predictable recurring revenue and make it easier to foresee demand. What are examples of innovative subscription services and how do they best land their message with our speakers?

Martin Loat, Founder - CheckoutScout
Rhya Johnston-Wallace, Digital Commerce Manager - FRAMA
Louisa Nicholls, Former Head of Marketing - John Lewis
David Williams, Digital Director - DCC Vital
Aron Cody-Boutcher, CMO - OnBuy