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How Live Video Commerce is Shaping Tomorrow’s eCommerce Success

30 Sep 2021
TFM - The Future of Digital Marketing
The Future of Digital Marketing

Live Video Commerce is rapidly transforming eCommerce. It offers the ability for companies to a) engage customers in their brand, products & sales in a real time broadcast on their website b) deliver a 1-2-1 live video assisted sales experience. The market is valued at $170 bn in China, 500m people use it with up to 50% sales conversion. It is now taking the west by storm because it delivers sales conversion rates between 20-30% compared to 1-2% online, NPS scores of 60-83%, 15% reduction in AHT, 20% increase in cross/upsell, average web duration of 3-10+ min

Erik Staaf, co-founder - CX live