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How Arla foods Reimagined the Omnichannel Experience

28 Sep 2021
ECE - Making Omnichannel a Reality
Making Omnichannel a Reality

Arla’s Senior VP Sales, Jonathan Dixon (JD), will delve into how Arla, the UK’s largest dairy company shifted its entire approach to e-commerce through the pandemic. From setting up a new team, to striking new, closer, relationships with some of Britain’s best-known retailers, to updating the way all its content is created and served to the consumer, this keynote will take you through the company’s entire e-commerce journey, from the start of the pandemic to today.
As part of this, JD will explain how specific strategic changes delivered real commercial results and how Arla continues to adapt it approach as consumer behaviours keep changing throughout 2021.

Jonathan Dixon, Senior Vice President, Sales - Arla Foods UK