Diversity and Retail: How to Adapt Your Business to the Diverse Digital Customer


Diversity and Retail: How to Adapt Your Business to the Diverse Digital Customer

28 Sep 2023
Keynote Theatre

Join our panel of tech leaders and the CEO of Code First Girls as they explore why diversity and inclusion (D&I) are critical to the success of the retail industry. The panellists will discuss the consequences of overlooking D&I and its impact on product development, customer perceptions, and company culture. With insights on leveraging technology, attracting diverse talent, and retaining a diverse workforce, panellists will discuss practical strategies that will help you adapt your business to the evolving needs of the modern and diverse digital customer. Don't miss this chance to learn how to create an inclusive and innovative retail environment that benefits everyone.

  • The impact of hiring diverse employees on retail product development
  • Strategies for adapting to the needs of a diverse digital customer base
  • Insights on attracting and retaining diverse talent, and building an inclusive company culture
Anna Brailsford, CEO - Code First Girls
Jessica Hall, Chief Product Officer - Just Eat Takeaway
Karen Brown, Deputy Chief Technology Officer - Sainsbury's
Cristina Rutgers-Astolfi, Global Head of Analytics - IKEA Customer Support
Kelly Coutinho, Senior Director Data Science & Analytics – International - Ralph Lauren

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