Conference Programme Keynote 2023

  1. Keynote Theatre
    In this keynote, we will explore how AI can be used to create an improved customer experience, a mor ...
  2. Future of CX Theatre
    Selling on Amazon has been one of the lead topics of eCommerce news for over a decade.  Achieving su ...
  3. Keynote Theatre
    Join our panel of tech leaders and the CEO of Code First Girls as they explore why diversity and inc ...
  4. Keynote Theatre
    Join us for an exclusive session with OnBuy Founder and CEO, Cas Paton, as he discusses how OnBuy is ...
  5. Future of CX Theatre
  6. Future of CX Theatre
    What does it mean to go "composable"? How to plan, and how to do it.
  7. Future of CX Theatre
    Growing shopper engagement and online revenue with intelligent product discovery
    Join Nosto, Dermalogica, and Casio as they discuss how to grow key commerce metrics with intelligent ...
  8. Keynote Theatre
  9. Future of CX Theatre
    Nick will introduce you to the B2B Superpowers and show you what is important in order to win in tod ...
  10. Keynote Theatre
    I'll be talking about how Honest has grown through some really challenging times, particularly the p ...
  11. Keynote Theatre
    Long Live Email: why email is not dead and how to use it to engage customers and sell more
    Email is far from dead, and its impact goes beyond simply being a communication tool— it shapes our ...
  12. Future of CX Theatre
    Navigating the AI landscape in Content management: Seizing Opportunities, Mitigating Risks
    The session explores the transformative potential of AI for content practitioners and its impact on ...
  13. Future of CX Theatre
  14. Keynote Theatre
    Reimagining retail infrastructure: Lessons to stay nimble, reduce costs and be prepared for tomorrow’s innovations... today
    In an ever-evolving landscape, retail leaders are facing unprecedented challenges and exciting new o ...
  15. Future of CX Theatre
    Session delivered by Bazaarvoice
  16. Future of CX Theatre
    Session delivered by DotDigital
  17. Future of CX Theatre
    Session delivered by MAPP
  18. Future of CX Theatre
    Session delivered by Message Bird
  19. Future of CX Theatre
    Session delivered by Reputation
  20. Future of CX Theatre
    'Storytelling' has been a bit of a buzzword in e-commerce for a few years now. And with good reason: ...
  21. Keynote Theatre
    Businesses continue to face ever changing new marketing technology. How can you stay ahead or keep u ...
  22. Future of CX Theatre
  23. Keynote Theatre
    Listen in to this story of entrepreneurship, digital innovation and industry disruption. Tamara has ...
  24. Keynote Theatre
  25. Keynote Theatre
    Customer retention is a critical aspect of success and profitability in the highly competitive ecomm ...
  26. Future of CX Theatre
  27. Gallery Suite (N14) (N15)
    A personal brand is more important in business than ever. Some of the biggest brands have visible fo ...
  28. Gallery Suite (N14) (N15)
    A personal brand is more important in business than ever. Some of the biggest brands have visible fo ...
  29. Gallery Suite (N14) (N15)
    In this interactive leadership workshop, we will delve into the transformative power of Artificial I ...
  30. Gallery Suite (N14) (N15)
    The panellists will share their views and experiences around working in the industry touching on lea ...
  31. Future of CX Theatre
    AI is the most hyped technology around and, while it is already in common usage in some sectors, exa ...
  32. Keynote Theatre
    Following the pandemic boom, revenue growth for the online retail market has been in decline for ove ...

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