Value based bidding: Using customer propensity modelling


Value based bidding: Using customer propensity modelling

27 Sep 2023
Data, Analytics & Personalisation Theatre

When a customer clicks on your PPC ad it’s not until some time in the future that you learn the value of that click/customer. Whether you have long buying cycles (ex: cars/houses) or huge repeat purchases, you’ll know much more about the value of a customer in three months, six months or a year’s time than you know now. You can’t afford to wait that long before you make marketing optimisation decisions though. What’s the solution then? Predict it! Predict at a user level and feed that into your Google Ads (or other marketing platforms) in a timely and constant feedback loop that reflects the true value of your customers. Find out how to:

•     Leverage your first party data for customer propensity modelling

•     Utilise the user level predictions effectively in the context of Google Ads to drive increased ROAS

•     The road to propensity modelling and VBB, as well as what comes next

Antonio Lima, Principal Data Analyst - Cazoo

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