Marketing measurement: The CMO effectiveness toolkit


Marketing measurement: The CMO effectiveness toolkit

27 Sep 2023
Campaign Management & Execution Theatre
In challenging economic times marketing budgets are under more scrutiny than ever. Budget-hungry CFO's make the boardroom sign-off of marketing spend a challenging conversation for any CMO, placing a greater emphasis on the need for marketing-effectiveness proof points. With the release of this year's update to its Intelligent Marketing Databank, the DMA has produced The CMO Effectiveness Toolkit – designed to arm the entire marketing and data discipline with the tools and effectiveness that truly capture the value of marketing spends. The toolkit reveals:
• Insight into the drivers of campaign effectiveness
• The evolution of campaign impact over the last half decade, while crucially
• Providing a perspective on how accurately and transparently marketers are measuring campaign effectiveness
Ian Gibbs, Director of Insight and Planning - Data and Marketing Association (DMA)

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