AI beyond the surface-level: How AI reasons about data


AI beyond the surface-level: How AI reasons about data

28 Sep 2023
Campaign Management & Execution Theatre
Over the last few years, AI has been a hot topic in marketing. We talk about ‘the algorithms’ and use AI-based tools for all ranges of tasks: sentiment analysis, ad targeting, and creative generation. But how do these AI tools / algorithms actually work? In this talk, we dive into an accessible and intuitive explanation on how these next-generation systems think and reason about data. The knowledge will help marketers and advertisers become significantly more effective at using the AI tools already in their toolkit.
• The different kinds of AI systems that power marketing
• Why learning about how AI systems work, creates an advantage
• A deeper and intuitive guide on how these AI tools work (Meta’s targeting algorithm, Google SEO, ChatGPT etc.)

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