Co-located with Technology for Marketing

18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

18 - 19 September 2024
ExCeL London

Conference Programme 2023


Creating full funnel value: How brands can utilise their data to personalise content for consumers

27 Sep 2023
Data, Analytics & Personalisation Theatre
Data , Analytics & Personalisation Theatre

In this insightful session, we will delve into the fascinating world of data-driven marketing strategies and explore the transformative power of personalisation in capturing the hearts and minds of consumers.

Throughout the session,you will explore the marketing funnel and how brands can strategically deploy personalised content at each stage. From raising awareness and driving engagement to nurturing leads and fostering long-term customer loyalty, we will provide practical insights and real-life examples that showcase the impact of personalised content across the entire customer journey.

  • Zero party data collection
  • Creative consumer experiences
  • Full-funnel personalisation
James Sharman, Senior Brand Manager - Haleon
Ellie Webster, Senior Digital Manager (Expert Marketing) - Haleon

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