If data is the new oil, why the hell am I not mega rich?


If data is the new oil, why the hell am I not mega rich?

29 Sep 2022
The Future of CX & Personalisation
If data is the new oil, why the hell am I not mega rich?

For more than a decade now we’ve been hearing “data is the new oil” and true, decision-making is now dominated by data at all levels, but if marketers are surrounded by data why haven’t we all quit our jobs and living as billionaires sitting on private yachts?

Could the answer lie in collecting more data? Potentially, but the real issue comes from the idea that you need to start using the customer data have you have correctly. Are you exploiting the data you hold to build an extraordinary marketing strategy? The chances are you can always do more.

And now with the phasing out of third-party cookies very much on the horizon, is zero-party data the new Holy Grail? Have we become too reliant on cookies and forgotten that successful marketing is about engagement and relevance?

Frank Brooks, Head of EMEA Marketing - dotdigital
  • You can't not be here, it's one of those places that if you work in software or work in ecommerce you have to be here
  • "The content, people and footfall has been amazing. Every single year it gets bigger and better."
  • The quality of the delegates have been excellent. You've got a lot of Manager and Director roles in attendance
  • "It's a buzzing event. It's the who's who in the retail industry"
    Oracle NetSuite
  • Seamless, very efficient, and the audience we're looking for. Perfect.
    Dubai Commercity
  • In terms of the footfall, it's by far the biggest business Show that we do
  • It's been really busy, all the conversations we have had are with people that are looking for solutions and have got problems to solve
  • We have had lots of really good conversations with relevant brands for us, there’s a lot of people attending, both our partners that we can just network with, but also our customers and prospects.
  • It's a much larger scale than what I was expecting, the atmosphere has been buzzing
    Hermes UK
  • We are super satisfied. We've been able to actually meet our customer and potential customers and the target group is spot on
    DS Smith ePack

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