Are we outsourcing our curiosity to an algorithm?


Are we outsourcing our curiosity to an algorithm?

28 Sep 2022
The Future of Digital Marketing

Curiosity feeds creativity; providing the stimuli, context and imaginative roots we need build new neural pathways for our creative engagement in a new project, concept or innovation. However, in a world where we turn first to our screens for inspiration, we come upon a paradox: access to more information than ever but conversely, algorithms that feed us 'more of the same’; offering perhaps less diverse inspiration to spark our curiosity and ultimately limiting the creativity that forms the basis of corporate innovation. In this session we explore: Why curiosity is critical to business success; The risks of outsourcing curiosity to an algorithm; The Curiosity + Creativity = Innovation equation; Being more intentional about curiosity ‘in the moment’, and what we can do to reengage our natural sense of curiosity.

Paul Spiers, Founder & CEO - The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute
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