Conference programme 2021


Finders keepers: attracting and converting customers via search and UX

03 Mar 2021
Supercharged UX & CRO Track
Supercharged UX & CRO Track

The pandemic has pushed more people online and accelerated brands’ digital journeys. Why are UX and SEO so bound together now – what’s the UX relevance to webpage rankings? What do we think has changed in the past 12-18 months in the consumer journey and the way they behave that ecommerce UX teams need to know? The average customer will visit a website 3.4 times before they're ready to buy. Are brands understanding these changes (online/mobile) and responding quickly enough and in the right way in terms of the UX?

Branwell Johnson, Director of Content - Propeller Group
David Williams, Ecommerce Director - Aspinal Of London
Juliette van Rooyen, Founder & Head of SEO - VR Squared
Tom Brand, Business Director - Found