Technology for Marketing 

B2B Marketing

It’s vital to get marketing right in times like this: there’s no space for poorly considered communications. With spending and investment down, the B2B landscape needs clarity, responsibility and confidence. But more importantly, it needs a human touch. So, how will you react to change?

  • ROI
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Content marketing
  • Budget allocation 
  • Ad spend
  • Channel mix
  • Lead generation
  • Communications
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Audience response

Brand & Agency 

Stories that bring together creativity and data in uncertain times. Stories of short-term ads based on powerful consumer insights. Stories of technology built to drive long-term value. Case studies that focus on the best brands and agencies working together. And not always about success, because you’re not interested in fluff.

  • Experiential
  •  Impact of coronavirus
  • Creativity and data
  • Data insights
  • Customer insights
  • Ad spend
  • Channel mix
  • Holding companies
  • Big 6 agencies
  • Media
  • Trust & transparency

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