Theatres and Topics

Theatres and Topics

An insight into our 2019 programme

Our inspirational 2019 programme was one to remember. Our biggest and best to date with over 100 sessions across 12 theatres across two days. The team has worked hard to deliver a world class line up of speakers as well as in-depth speaker interviews and insights into what makes these industry leaders get out of bed each morning!

Keynote theatre 

Join the leading innovators and disruptive brands across the ecommerce, marketing and advertising landscapes. Discover the latest innovations and tech trends shaping the future. 

Sessions covering: 

  • Leadership and Culture        
  • Brandtech        
  • Data-driven insights        
  • Digital Disruption


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Media & Advertising 

Join some of the biggest brands, agencies, media owners and technology companies as they discuss how the media and advertising landscape continues to evolve. Topics include the future of TV, publishing, programmatic, OOH, data-driven targeting and multichannel advertising campaigns.

Sessions covering: 

  • Third party cookies (what comes next?)
  • The (lack of) future for RTB
  • Trust & transparency
  • Digital-out-of-home
  • Addressable TV
  • The future of the agency model

Brand & Content

In 2020, it’s not as simple as clicks and impressions. It’s time to be inspired. Welcome to our brand new theatre. From industry giants to challengers, we’re finding out how you’re using tech to cut through the noise. From creativity and storytelling, to purpose and identity. Engage your minds, engage with technology, and engage your audience.

Sessions covering: 

  • Tech-based branding
  • Multichannel brand management
  • Engagement & measurement
  • Community & influence

Data Insights & Analytics

Marketers have more data than ever before. This theatre looks at how to translate all of this data into concrete initiatives that drive growth. From acquiring and managing, to employing and analysing the right data, dive into our theatre where brands reveal the innovative insights that deliver the best results.

Sessions covering:

  • Impact of third-party cookie death
  • Identifying channel deficiencies
  • Gaining customer insights
  • Adjusting strategies & tactics


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One trust

Blue venn

Marketing Personalisation & Engagement

Personalisation is key to connecting with the customer. Delivering a better experience through intelligent application of data insights allows marketers to create targeted experiences that better resonate. Join this theatre to learn how to drive loyalty in the long run, regular engagement, multichannel marketing.

Sessions covering:

  • Data privacy & management
  • Discounts & recommendations
  • Communication methods
  • Segmentation & targeting


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Marketing Automation & AI

In an era when customers are demanding hyperpersonalised experiences, AI enables marketers to better engage and connect with their customers. AI is taking marketing to the next level, allowing brands and retailers to nurture leads, capture information and automate offers and advertisements. Join this theatre to learn how to level up your marketing.

Sessions covering:

  • Understanding your customer
  • Lead generation & nurturing
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Scaling content


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The theatre for brands and retailers to engage and support their customers wherever and however they wish to connect. The sessions will look at maintaining consistent customer experience, tying together disparate retail operations, and maximising opportunities delivered by the latest innovations in multi-device journeys and design.  

Sessions covering:

  • Multi-device customer journey
  • Cross channel payments
  • Single customer view
  • Marketplaces

Cross Border

Retailers, brands, marketplaces and solution providers talk about successfully expanding overseas. Gauge market size and opportunity, working with marketplaces, localisation strategies, country-focused insights, and practical steps to take towards regulatory compliance.

Sessions covering:

  • Localisation & international support mechanisms
  • Shipping & payment integration
  • Segmentation & marketing
  • Analytics, data & market insight


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Global e




Learn how to drive traffic and conversion on site with a customer-centric approach. You’ll hear stimulating sessions looking at A/B testing, maximising average basket value, the sales funnel, identifying areas to optimise and website design.

Sessions covering:

  • Optimisation of website design
  • Improving conversion rates
  • A/B Testing
  • Abandonment rate & payments

CX & Personalisation

Bridging the gap between the browser and the buyer. Dive into the personalisation space with the most up-to-date knowledge in increasing traffic, engaging customer browsing with personalisation tactics, product recommendations, reducing abandoned cart rates and winning back hesitant buyers.

Sessions covering: 

  • Real-time automation
  • Using the right data
  • Voice, AR, Social
  • Single customer view


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Delivery & Fulfilment

Here you’ll find the expertise of leading logistics professionals and retailers innovating across fulfilment and delivery. Access key debates focusing around the technological future of delivery, increasing efficiency of the returns process, and the environmental impact of delivery options.

Sessions covering: 

  • Click & Collect
  • Returns
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation


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james and james

Customer First Live

Packed full of case studies from many of the best-known practitioners in digital and ecommerce today, Customer First Live will provide you with insight into all the key drivers for being customer centric and the commercial benefits of doing so. We’ll show the impact of having an employee first culture, technology that empowers customers and we’ll hear from a panel of consumers about how to more effectively meet their needs and those of different types of customers in a post Coronavirus world. You’ll leave with a clear view of how best to prioritise opportunities to deliver great customer experience.